ABS Honors German Owners for Their Commitment to Saving Lives at Sea

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Germany Ship Owners AMVER

ABS continued its long-standing support for the Amver Awards by sponsoring a ceremony recognizing the contribution of German owners to the unique AMVER reporting system that supports search and rescue efforts for distress calls at sea.

Held at the Übersee-Club in Hamburg, the ceremony celebrated 342 vessels from 57 German-managed companies, who were awarded colored pennants for their role in maintaining maritime safety and in recognition of the owners commitment to assisting in search and rescue activities anywhere in the world.

“The AMVER system is important to the continued safety of mariners and marine operations around the globe. Safety is a cornerstone of the ABS mission, and we are proud and honored to celebrate the brave sailors and companies committed to protecting life at sea,”

said Ezekiel Davis, ABS Vice President, Europe Business Development.

“I am so pleased we are able to gather again in person to celebrate safety at sea and the contributions made by the German shipping community. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it has revealed we are all directly linked to seafarers and shipping. You only need to be on a lockdown to learn how shipping and seafarers are lifesavers. I am thankful for the opportunity to meet with our shipping colleagues and thank them for their selfless and often unheralded dedication to safety at sea,”

said Benjamin Strong, Director, AMVER Maritime Relations, United States Coast Guard.

Source ABS American Bureau of Shipping